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  • LCL shipment
  • LCL shipment
  • LCL shipment
  • LCL shipment
LCL shipment LCL shipment LCL shipment LCL shipment

LCL shipment

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  • Product description: mixed stuffing LCL SHIPPING cargo packing cargo storage
With the continuous development of China's economy and foreign trade, the import and export of dangerous goods and chemicals has also developed rapidly. Our company introduces all kinds of LCL business of dangerous goods with professional team, excellent experience and coverage of advantageous routes. With Hamburg, Rotterdam, Singapore, Mumbai Newport, Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires and Santos as the basic transit ports, the European route, Southeast Asia route, India-Pakistan route, and America route have been gradually expanded to form multi-regional routes, which enables us to provide the most flexible and comprehensive service for LCL.
Advantage services:
-- Rich LCL experience and efficient operation process
-- More than 150 direct sites in major ports around the world
-- A strong overseas network built up by more than 120 mature agents all over the world
-- Undertake various business such as DDP, DDU, EXW, etc.
-- Fair quotation and standardized destination port charges
LCL business advantages:
-Rich LCL experience and efficient operation process
-Wide network coverage and strong IT support
-Provide highly professional LCL stowage service and intensive and stable schedule
-Maintain close contact and cooperation with agents from all over the world



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